IRE Special Offers

Colour Savers are delighted to announce our 70's Special Colour Offer to all customers on our website. Bulk buy to make great savings across all our permanent colour brands.

Colour Discount Rates

  • Wella Koleston: €5.24 - Colour Touch: €5.37
  • Matrix Socolor: €4.76 - Color Sync: €5.47
  • Schwarzkopf Igora Royal: €4.13 - Igora Vibrance: €4.31
  • Loreal Majirel: €4.80 - Dialight / Diarichesse: €4.81

How it works.

  • Buy 70 Pieces of Socolor Beauty or Color Sync to receive bulk discount price.
  • Buy 70 Pieces of Igora Royal or Igora Vibrance to receive bulk discount price.
  • Buy 70 Pieces of Koleston Perfect or Colour Touch to receive bulk discount price.
  • Buy 70 Pieces of Majirel or Dialight / Diarichesse to receive bulk discount price.

Please note: The majority of colours are charged at the standard price. Some high-value colours Including Koleston Reds, and Socolor Hi Lift Blondes are charged at a higher rate.

The discount is applied, it's only some colours are a little more expensive than others. 
Please take this into consideration when ordering.

Peroxide Offer - Buy 6 Get 1 Free.

Example: When you multi-buy 7 of a Socolor developer into your cart, you will then receive the 7th one free of charge.

Pro-Oxide - Offer applies to all Pro-Oxide developers.
Matrix - Offer applies to Socolor developers only.
Schwarzkopf: Offer applies to Igora Royal developers only.
Wella:  Offer applies to Welloxon developers only.
Loreal: Offer applies to Majirel developers only.